Frequently Asked Questions at Luxeport

General Silk Bedding Questions

What is silk? +
Silk is a natural, hypoallergenic fiber produced by silkworms. Luxeport utilizes non-processed raw silk fleece in our duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers, known for its luxurious, healthy, and non-allergenic properties.
How many types of silk are used in Luxeport products? +
Luxeport Premium Duvets are filled with 100% long strand Grade A Mulberry Silk, recognized for its luxurious softness, pure white color, and natural luster. LuxeportPURE Duvets are filled with Tussah Silk, a long strand wild silk.
How to identify fine quality silk? +
100% Mulberry Silk used by Luxeport, is characterized by its pure snow-white color, soft and smooth feel, and excellent elongation. Wild silk often has a coarser texture and lacks the natural sheen of Mulberry Silk.

Silk Bedding Benefits

Why choose a silk duvet? +
Silk duvets are an ideal choice for luxury and comfort, offering non-allergenic properties, natural temperature regulation, moisture absorption, and potential health benefits such as relief from joint pain and improved skin health.
 How are silk duvets made? +
Luxeport's premium duvets are filled with 100% Mulberry Silk. The silk is stretched into layers to create the duvet, with covers made of high-quality cotton jacquard.

Purchasing and Care

How to choose a quality silk duvet? +
When selecting a silk duvet, look for indicators of high quality such as smooth texture, excellent elastic recovery, and even layering. Luxeport's duvets are made from long Mulberry Silk, offering a luxurious and natural option.
Taking care of your Luxeport duvet? +
Always use a duvet cover to protect the silk. Luxeport silk duvets should be dry-cleaned to maintain the integrity of the silk fibers. Between cleanings, airing out or using an air cycle in the dryer can keep the duvet fresh.

Sizing and Compatiblity

What size of duvet is right for my bed? +
Choose the right size based on your mattress dimensions. Luxeport provides a range of sizes:
Luxeport Premium Mulberry Silk Duvets LuxeportPURE Duvets allery & athsma friendly
Twin 170x220/67x87" Twin 168x224/66x88"
Queen 220x240/87x95" Queen 224x238/88x94"
King 240x280/95x110" King 270x244/106x96"
Are Luxeport products suitable for foam mattresses? +
Yes, Luxeport Silk Mattress Toppers are particularly beneficial for foam mattresses, helping to wick away moisture and maintain a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Company and Manufacturing

Where are Luxeport Duvets made? +
Luxeport's products are manufactured in partnership with ethical, clean, and well-maintained factories in Asia, ensuring a commitment to healthy working conditions.
Why choose Luxeport? +
Luxeport is dedicated to providing products that enhance customers' quality of life, focusing on healthy, natural qualities, and offering an exceptional range of luxury bedding options.

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