Understanding the Elegance of Silk Types of Silk Fleece

Introduction to Silk Fleece

Silk, the epitome of luxury, offers unparalleled comfort and elegance. At Luxeport, we use only the finest silk fleece in our
duvets, ensuring a blissful sleep experience. Discover the various types of silk fleece and their unique characteristics.

Mulberry Silk: The Gold Standard


Sourced from silkworms fed exclusively on Mulberry leaves.


Known for its uniform color, fine texture, and durability.


Hypoallergenic, strong moisture-wicking capabilities, and excellent temperature regulation.

Use in Luxeport Products

Ideal for our premium range of duvets, providing a soft, luxurious feel and long-lasting comfort.

Tussah Silk: The Natural Choice


Produced by wild silkworms feeding on a diverse diet.


Richer in color with a slightly coarser texture than Mulberry silk.


Natural resistance to dust mites and allergens, robust and breathable.

Use in Luxeport Products

Perfect for eco-conscious consumers looking for a natural, luxurious sleeping experience.

Charmeuse Silk: The Lustrous Fabric

Weaving Method

Charmeuse silk refers to a particular way of weaving silk fibers, creating a lustrous, satin-like finish on one side.


Smooth, shiny surface with a matte finish on the underside.


Excellent for skin and hair health, reduces friction.

Use in Luxeport Products

Employed in silk bed linens and pillowcases complementing our silk duvets.

Why Choose Luxeport Silk?

Commitment to Quality

Only the best grades of silk fleece are selected for our products.

Sustainable and Ethical

We ensure that our silk is sourced responsibly, supporting eco-friendly and ethical practices.

Unmatched Comfort and Luxury

Each type of silk offers a unique sleeping experience, catering to diverse preferences and needs.


Explore our collection and experience the transformative comfort of Luxeport silk duvets, tailored to your individual needs.