Why Choose Silk for Your Bedding? Discover the Luxeport Difference

Hypoallergenic Benefits of Silk

Moisture Resistance

Silk's natural fiber is air permeable and excellent at absorbing humidity, making it ideal for a comfortable sleep.

Anti-Acarid Allergy Resistance

Contains Sericin, which prevents mite and mold growth.

Fungi Immunity

Silk is resistant to mold and deterioration, containing no harmful chemicals.

Natural Cellular Albumen Fiber

Promotes skin health and can aid in relieving joint pain, asthma, and even insomnia.

Silk vs Traditional Bedding

Temperature Regulation

Silk naturally adjusts to body temperature, providing comfort in all seasons.

Strength and Durability

Silk fibers, stronger than steel, ensure longevity and continuous comfort.

Lightweight Comfort

Silk duvets are lighter and less bulky compared to down comforters.

Smoothness and Comfort

Silk comforters are soft and smooth, with no irritating protrusions.

Adaptive Contouring

Silk drapes and contours to your body for optimal comfort.

Practical Design

Luxeport duvets include button loops for convenience and comfort.

The Luxeport Commitment

Quality Assurance

Commitment to high-quality fiber and construction.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring every product meets the highest standards of luxury and comfort.