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Luxeport Premium Silk Mattress Toppers

Luxeport Premium Silk Mattress Toppers

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Luxeport Premium Silk Mattress Toppers: Transformative Comfort for Your Bed

Elevate your sleeping experience with our Luxeport Premium Silk Mattress Toppers, designed for those who cherish both luxury and a health-conscious lifestyle. These toppers offer more than just comfort; they transform your bed into a sanctuary of wellness.

Temperature Regulating Silk: Experience the natural temperature-regulating benefits of 100% Mulberry Silk fleece filling. Whether it's a cool or warm night, these mattress toppers adapt to your body temperature, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience year-round.

Premium Quality Materials: Each topper is encased in a 300 thread count, 100% combed cotton jacquard. This not only allows the silk to breathe against your skin but also adds a touch of refined luxury to your bedding.

Secure and Sleek Fit: Designed with practicality in mind, every topper features four elastic straps that securely hook to the corners of your mattress. This ensures a sleek, tidy fit, maintaining the elegance of your bed setup.

Protection Against Allergens: These toppers serve as a first line of defense against bed mites, dust mites, and allergens, ensuring you enjoy a lifetime of healthy, allergy-free sleep. They're an investment in your health as much as in your comfort.

Elegantly Packaged: Our toppers come packaged in a Luxeport embroidered drawstring pillowcase, perfect for storing your cherished linens or maintaining the topper when not in use.

Available Sizes:

  • Queen: 152X203cm / 60" X 80"
  • King: 198X203cm / 78" X 80"

Discover the perfect blend of health, comfort, and luxury with our Luxeport Premium Silk Mattress Toppers. Transform your bed into a haven of serene sleep, night after night.

Fill: 100% Long Strand Mulberry Silk Fleece

Casing: Luxeport's own 300 thread count circle pattern cotton Jaquard

Weight : 250 grams of Mulberry Silk fleece per square meter

Available sizes:

Queen: 152X203cm / 60" X 80"

King: 198X203cm / 78" X 80"

Standards: All our bedding complied with Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Shipping Lead Time: Stock item - shipped out within 24 hours of order confirmation

Product Care: Silk is a luxury fibre and should almost never require cleaning. Unlike traditional bedding, silk is free from dust mites, allergens and dander, and minimizes pirspiration, making them a clean sleep option. To keep your silk bedding in the best possible condition, we would recommend that they are aired once or twice a year during the warmer months outdoors. Please always check the care instructions on the label.

Detailed Care: Spot clean using a special stain remover

Professionally Launder: Look for a professional laundry who will assure you silk bedding will be washed a low temperature (no higher than 30 degrees celcius)

Detergent: We recommend Liquid Silk Wash or any other mild silk/delicates detergent

Drying: Air dry and finish off in the dryer on Air Cycle on a very low temperature/cook cycle if needed


Luxurious, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic.

Our luxurious silk duvets are made from the finest 100% Mulberry silk.

Designed for the most comfortable sleep, all of our silk bedding collections are naturally hypoallergenic, breathable to regulate your temperature during all seasons, kind to your skin and of course, irresistibly comfortable.

Beautifully Soft & Smooth

naturally hypoallergenic

Temperature Regulating