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Daydream Wellness Set

Daydream Wellness Set

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Daydream Wellness Set: Your Sanctuary for Stress Relief and Comfort

Introducing the Daydream Wellness Set, a beautifully crafted collection designed to soothe your senses and provide unparalleled relaxation. This set is more than just an assortment of wellness products; it's a gateway to tranquility and comfort.

Velvet Sleep Mask for Blissful Slumber: The set features a luxuriously soft velvet sleep mask, offering not only style but also unmatched comfort. Lined with a plush velvet that feels gentle against your skin and equipped with a unique patented soft foam around the nose, it ensures complete light blockage for a peaceful night's sleep.

Therapeutic Neck Wrap: Experience the soothing comfort of our velvet lavender-scented neck wrap. Soft to the touch and deeply relaxing, it can be heated in the microwave to provide relief for sore and tired shoulders. The calming aroma of lavender enhances the experience, helping to melt away stress.

Innovative Light-Blocking Technology: The sleep mask in this set is crafted using a newly developed and patented technique that guarantees total darkness, essential for restorative sleep.

Gel Cooler for Eye Rejuvenation: Included is an insertable gel cooler, transforming the sleep mask into a cooling sanctuary for your eyes. It's perfect for reducing puffiness and rejuvenating tired eyes, adding a refreshing element to your relaxation routine.

The Daydream Wellness Set is a perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and therapeutic benefits. It's an ideal companion for anyone seeking to alleviate stress, soothe tired muscles, and enjoy a tranquil, restful sleep. Embrace the essence of wellness and serenity with Daydream.

Material: Velvet eye mask with velvet neck rest

Sizing: Eye masks generously sized to fit around your eyes with adjustable straps for a perfect fit

Advanced Light-Blocking Technology: Patented technique to ensure a complete blackout.

Beautifully Soft & Smooth

naturally hypoallergenic

Temperature Regulating